Sunday, 25 November 2007

Unusual visitors arrive in York to promote Flare

Two paper mache figures (Tilly and Ruby) arrived in York this week to promote the next Flare contemporary art and craft market in the Guildhall on December 6th. They had a great day taking in in all the local sights and received a warm welcome from staff and visitors at several of York's attractions including The Railway Museum, The Theatre Royal, Miller's Yard and York Art Gallery. Head's turned and smiles quickly followed wherever these quirky girls went and they are now sat on bar stools in the upper foyer of the Theatre Royal where they were invited to stay until they move to the Guildhall.

Jon Cove, the artist behind these amazing creations is profoundly deaf and has a visual impairment, speaking through a sign interpreter he said he was thrilled to hear that his work had caused such a stir in York. Jon says, "I use my hands to feel their head and hair, and this helps me see what they look like. This helps me to create my sculptures, which I often base on people I know, or people who work with me."

Jon's work will be on show and for sale along with other work by over 30 other local artists and makers at the Flare Contemporary Art and Craft Market at the Guildhall, St Helen's Square, York on Thursday Dec 6th, 11am - 8pm. Entrance to the event is free.

scroll down to see more images from Ruby and Tilly's trip to York

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